First work of restoration of a Lotus Europa S1

First work on the car

Story until 1997

Starting to sort things out

First thing was to sort out exactly what I got. This involved both the building of the chassis and to put it on wheels so that I could see that I had everything. To put the chassis on wheel also requires the gearbox in it place since it is an integral part of the rear suspension. And to get the gearbox in its proper place one needs a motor. As I want to make the engine something special I disassembled both the 807 and the 821 and since both are neiter original or interesting to work with I got rid of the 821 casing, liners and pistons. I retained both heads and the casing of the 807 to serve as mould to keep everything in place when the real engine is out of the car. As all crankshafts are the same I found I had two good one's and one was not worth saving. In this way I got a bit of an idea what there was. I got the car on four wheel although I had to make some modifications to the front of the chassis to make it accept the S1 front suspension. Most parts I used were new. Other like the stabilizer bar were sandblasted and painted black. This procedure is done with all parts I come across that are not prefect state.

Back of the chassisFront of chassis

The Body

The hardest part was the body which was in a very poor state as I had found out scrapping of the old layers of paint. The body had had four main colours with filler in between measuring up to 5 mm in total. To make a long story short it would be an enormous task to restore the body to something acceptable. As expert told me it would cost more or the same to restore the body than to have a new body made. Therefore I decided to order a new body to be made in England in which my chassis will be laminated. The chassis was stripped and several reinforcement were welded to it. Pictures of this will be available shortly.

The engine

Apart from taking the engines apart I haven't done anything with it yet. I have acquired a hot camshaft PH18 and pistons and liners with a bore of 80.5 mm to give the engine a capacity of 1710 cc. I aim to get a responsive engine not to peaky with about 130 HP. For this I am still seeking Weber or Dell Orto carburetors and an inlet manifold.