Dedicated to the Lotus Europa S1 and S1A

Below follows the list of all Europa S1 and S1A I have been informed of. A large part can be contributed to the help of Jan Peman, Michael Galos, Randall Fehr, Daniel Herrero and Hans Carlsson. If your car is not on it or you know of a car which is not on it please contact me. Also history of cars is very welcome and data on cars that have been scrapped is useful. In short any information on S1 or S1A cars is very welcome.

With this list we hope to promote the contact between the owners of the oldest and most original Lotus Europas. We also will promote the exchange of knowledge and parts that are specific to this(ese) type(s).

S1 460001-460299 - 75 total
Chassis no. Owner (e-mail) City Country Condition car (link) Pic
LC 46/2 Phil Meany McLean VA US Restored  
460002 Serge Sleurs   Belgium Restoration
460003 B.J.J. Koster Hengelo Holland Restored  
460006 Thomas Wåhlin Lund Sweden Black, Status up and running, 5 speed and Nitro  
460009 Patrice Landré Cezan France 50% Restored  
460010 *1   France Restoration in progress 3rd owner  
460013 Brian Simon   France Almost finished restoration (end 2019) pic
460024 *1   France Stored since 1972  
460027 Claes Ledel   Sweden    
460029 Richard Winter Southport United Kingdom Excelent  
460031 Anton Wagner Ried im Innkreis Austria Under restoration  
460034 Douglas Wichers Aengelholm Sweden Red racer 2.5 L Volvo engine, In Swedish Lotus Club under no343 pic
460036 Dave Alford Portland OR USA Restoration project  
460040 Jean-Louis Gillet Alsemberg Belgium Restoration project pic
460042 Lars Hermansson Uppsala Sweden Good pic
460043 *2 Boraas Sweden Purple  
460047 Richard Mann   UK Purple  
460048 *1   France Restored 100% original  
460049 Paul-Emile Bruchez Charrat VAL Switzerland under going restoration  
460051 Sally Governatori Nice France Very good condition, restored  
460054 Daniel Miro Chevannes France Good pic
460065 Ed Waalewijn Delft Holland Restored, Dry sump engine 1600cc pic
460066 *2 Aelmhult Sweden Blue  
460067 Evald Forsberg   Sweden    
460068 Carl Evert Sundlöf   Sweden   pic
460069 Rolf Anderson   Sweden    
460070 Pierre Luminet Bruxelles Belgium Good pic
460071 Philippe Jamar Welkenraedt Belgium Good pic
460075 *2 Huddinge Sweden Yellow  
460076 *2 Tidaholm Sweden Gold  
460077 *2 Boraas Sweden Red  
460081 Wolfgang Wagner Salzburg Austria Good pic
Will Price460086 Will Price Gunnison CO USA Condition fair all parts there. Plexi glass side windows. Bad flair job. pic
460087 Dane Glantz   Sweden    
460089 Gary Leeks Tucson, AZ USA Restored to original spec pic
460090   Holland Ongoing restoration pic
460092 Ray Bisordi Burbank CA USA S2 nose section  
460094 Larry Savage   USA To be converted to SCCA racer  
460096 Kees Gorree St Oedenrode Holland Restoration  
460104 Luis Caixiero   Portugal    
460106 Nadine Bordes   France Excellent prepared for historical rallies pic
460124 Sam Cox Naples FL USA Brown, good condition, DRIVEN DAILY  
460128 Alastair Ferguson   UK Basket case, to be restored as historic racer  
460131 Sven-Erik Tysk Gotenburg Sweden Very good condition, racing car, road legal  
460134 Vito Desimoni Parma Italy 2nd owner, recently restored, cross flow engine, more pic
460139 Attilio Podi Sicily Italy Yellow with green stripe, 100% restored Gordini Engine [20131213] pic
460141 Jerry Rude Prather CA USA Damaged in accident to be converted to vintage racer  
460142 Stefan Feldmann   Switzerland Completely restored, excellent condition pic
460145 *2 Norrfjaerden Sweden Grey  
460149 Christophe Bols   Gemany Excellent condition, nearly original pic
460164 Karey Bobyk Vancouver Canada For sale on e-bay  
460169 Pavel Nejedly Olomouc Czech Republic Under restoration pic
460171 A.J. Falk   Sweden Under restoration pic
460172 John Dowsett   Canada good driving condition, original paint etc. pic
460174 *2 Tjoernarp Sweden Black  
460177 Ciupi Taranto Italy Yellow with little TLC needed [20131213]  
460179 Mauro Mattei Locarno Switzerland Good and running  
460193 Jean Jacques Perrin Geneve Switzerland Restored the Swiss way pic
460197 Tom Mitchell Southern California USA 1st owner 3 car imported into USA  
460198 Mike Snowdon Ile Cadieux QU Canada original color light green, necessary restoration will start this year  
46202 undisclosed Undisclosed Germany Unrestored, very original pic
460216 Peter Fawcett Dallas TX USA Vintage racer, Dry sump engine, adjustable suspension pic
460217 Mark MarKell Portland OR USA Fair pic
460226 Piergiovanni Volpinari Falciano Rep. San Marino Hill climbing car in GTS 4, 1600 cc  
460229 Rob Weamer, Jr Upland CA USA Owner since 1971, TC upgrades, resting awaiting restoration  
460236 Ray Bisordi Burbank CA USA Very good to excellent condition, original color carnival red pic
460243 Jürgen Brodesser Köln Germany pure race car with many old logbooks starting in 1967, 1600cc Gordini pic
460245 C Gill CA USA Original owner good condition 9 years in storage  
460248 Krister Ripstrand Uppsala Sweden Good, broken gearbox  
460250 Carmelo Crisafulli Brooklyn NY USA Very good, original, original owner pic
460254 Mark LeVea Upperville Va USA Racer Being Restored pic
460269 Gordon Drysdale Grant FA USA Awaiting restoration to a racer  
460286 John Weare San Diego CA USA Restoration in progress  
460292 Pär Säll Bollnäs Sweden Orange-pearl pic
460293 *1   France To be restored  
460297 Richard Mink Dublin CA USA 30 year with owner, needs engine rebuild  

*1 Information from Daniel Herrero, no names disclosed
*2 Information from Hans Carlsson, no names disclosed

S1A 460300-460644 ("S1B" 460541-460644) - 78 total
Chassis no. Owner (e-mail) City Country Condition car (link) Pic
460304     US    
460306       Good, sold from CND to UK  
460308 Lowell Fitch Belvidere IL USA Mostly original repainted  
460313 Robert Windsor Dale City VA USA 47 like with FF rear end  
460317 Fred Shufflebarger Huntington Beach CA USA Extensively modernized, running very well pic
460323 Mike Galos Bellvue WA USA Excelent pic
460324 Randall Fehr Seattle WA USA Restoration in progress  
460328     USA>Japan British Racing Green Good original condition.  
460330 Peter Bowling Northampton UK Original RHD, early restoration in progress pic
460332     Japan Since 1988  
460345 E. Duarte Bethany Canada Body off rest. 4 years ago. Car is driving and in excellent shape  
460346 Andreas Simonsson Gotheborg Sweden Yellow Interior restoration  
460352 Peter Taft   USA SCCA racer  
460353 Richard Jones Ontario Canada Fully restored Gordini engine Webers etc  
460354 Rob Bentley   Canada Gordini engine Webers, stagnant for last 11 years pic
460355 Jerry Johnson Laurel MD USA Barn find new owner has started restoration pic
460360 *1   France Drivable in need of restoration all original  
460362 Shumpei Kawasaki Los Altos Hills CA USA Restoration in progress  
460363 Ian Green Vancouver Canada Restoration in progress  
460365 Jim Taylor Bellevue WA USA Restoration in progress  
460367 Jim Scherer Boomsbury NJ USA    
460377 Matt Graham Tacoma WA USA    
460378 John Siegel Lewistown MT USA Restoration in progress (2021)  
460381 Gunther Hansele Whittier CA USA Finishing restoration - Vintage racer  
460383 Kenneth Kraft Trondheim Norway burgundy-colored, black leather interior, awaiting some final repairs,807 crossflow, single weber carb and Renault 4-speed - 1807 pic
460384 Larry Williamson Ely NV USA Restored  
460388 Peter Francisco Richmond VA USA In need of complete restoration  
460396 Michel Richard Longueuil Canada Restoration undertaken in fall 2003 pic
460409 Pascal Chalard Lyon France 90% completed restoration pic
460411 *1   France    
460414 Patrice Trinquet   France restauration finished and passed governement technic control  
460417 Steve Templeton   UK Good BRG with yellow stripe, Else stage IV pic
460423     Japan Fair, exported from US in 1998  
460448 John Thompson Watford UK Good, restored on the road  
460450 Dan Morrison   USA Good  
460453 John Mamarella Haines Falls NY USA Good, Gordini engine, spyder frame pic
460458 Andrew Wayne Huntsville AL USA Mice invested, sound and awaiting restoration  
460464 Hillis H. Schlak Granite Bay CA USA stored orig. owner  
460465 Joel Farber San Jose CA USA Not run since 1981, Needs work, more or less complete  
460473 Charles S. Hill Houston TX USA Car is taken apart pic
460478 Frank Dalton Detroit MI USA Poor pic
460480 Bjørn Erik Wold   Norway Chassis taken out for repair  
460484 Henrik Pedersen   Danmark Starting restoration  
460497 Ray Bisordi Burbank CA USA    
460501 John Buck St Louis MO USA Autocrosser - body restoration pic
460502 Bob Russell Sussex WI USA 2nd owner 30 years stalled pic
460504 Bill Dolson Boonton NJ USA Original racer restortion in progress pic
460507a John Bellmore DeBary FL USA Storm damaged  
460510 Katsuhiko Nishimura Tokyo Japan Acquired in 2001, Electronic ignition  
460520 Yuval Sasson Tel Aviv Israel In very poor condition but will restored pic
460530     Holland Racer, Double Webers, 5 speed gearbox  
460534 Brian Perkins Baltimore MD USA Poor in boxes pic
460542 Matt Graham Tacoma WA USA runs, drives and looks like the Gold Leaf Team Lotus 47  
460544 Cedric Van-Essen Clichy France Project  
460547 Bob Cross   USA Good  
460548 Michael Baldes Frankfurt Germany Racer in need of restoration  
460549 Dan Wardman San Jose CA USA Fully restored, active vintage racer  
460559 Ray Bisordi Burbank CA USA Red with black pinstriping. Good condition pic
460564 Bruce Thompson Woodbridge CT USA Fully restored, Gordini engine pic
460568 Robert Walker   USA For Sale pic
460571 David Miller Laramie WY USA Car fully restored G engine Ex SCCA race car  
460572 Karl Ricker Minneapolis Minn USA S1 SCCA racer pic
460582 Michael Baldes Frankfurt Germany Racer in need of restoration  
460583 Floyd Lancaster Tucson AZ USA Unrestored and quite a mess  
460585 Brian Perkins Baltimore MD USA Good, original pic
460586 Jerry Johnson Laurel MD USA Awaiting restoration pic
460587 Jim Marsden Co USA Good, original  
460599 Jan Peman Luleaa Sweden Good pic
460601 John Collier Edmonton Canada New frame, cross flow and 5 speed  
460602 Paul Wilkinson South-Australia Australia in restoration, 22 years in possession  
460608 Joakim Unnebäck Eskilstuna Sweden Black pic
460609 Pierre-Allain Gaillard Sierre VAL Switzerland Very good, finished restoration pic
460613 Arnulf Dobernig Treffen / Villach Austria Restoration in progress pic
460616 Gary McPhee Vancouver Canada Driving, 807+Webers, 5 speed box  
460618 Tim Williams Pembrokeshire, Wales United Kingdom White with Renault engine and gearbox  
460620 *1   France To be build up  
460623 Olivier Cros   France Second owner nice car never rebuilt  
460634 Dean White Franklinton NC USA 3rd owner, good shape, stock except weber & koni's  
460635 Yoshihiro Numasawa Kawaguti-City. Saitama Japan Restoration just now  
460639 Steve Shipley Seattle WA USA Good, X-flow engine, Webers, S2 doors pic
460641 ?? Vancouver Canada Vintage racer Red  
460642 Richard Jones Ontario Canada Need restoration used VW engine  
460644 Denis Beaudoin Plessisville Qu Canada Restored, Gordini Engine, Showroom condition pic

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