Restoring a Lotus Europa S1

Latest developments on the restoration

28 Oct 2001

It's been some time since I made a last entry here but that doesnot mean nothing was done. I have covered some 3000 km with the car already.

But start at the beginning. After the MOT was done I found there was severe play on the differential. Not to chance ruining the ORIGINAL gearbox - one of the few original parts - I decided it would be wise to overhaul it before I unleash the full 160 HP on it. Yes, that's what the engine cranked out. Taking the engine and gearbox out also made it possible to put the new petrol tank in and put in some silencing material. The gearbox was in very good condition and only a few oil seals had to be replaced.

In May the car was back in one piece. I drove a bit in Holland and once to Franchorchamps. Then I set out for the big journey to France; the Monthlery Festival. On the way there the car broke down near Compiegne. Luckily I was with a friend and we could continue in his car but mine had to be abandoned. It was repatriated by the insurrance. I was at Monthlery but not with my car.

Not my Europa at Monthlery

Where my Europa should have been

14 Nov 2000

I have achieved and other major milestone. I got my car MOTted so it is now road legal. It is by no means finished. A lot can be improved and seats have to be fitted. But I can test it on the road and go for a spin whenever I feel like it; put the car back work on it and drive it again etc. A much better propostion than solely working on it. Other things that need sorting out are heating - especially important since the winter is coming, the gearbox is still the original one and I found that it needs sorting out before I can really use it to its full potential, the petrol tank is also original with fiberglass by a former owner to keep the petrol in. So there is no need to get bored on those long winter nights.

24 Sep 2000

My car at the first venue My car at the first outing. There is no wiper or mirrors yet. It wasn't finished but it ran.
My car from up front Engine bay
Engine bay A couple more pictures featuring the engine. Note the distribution and the dry sump installation.
Engine bay The Carbs are Webers 45 DCOE and the exhaust comes from Banks, not cheap but it looks the price.

19 Aug 2000

My car with windshield A lot of work has gone into the car of which you can see some details. The most important and by far the most difficult was to get the windshield in. This involve some grinding of the glass and the appenture. Not that it fits perfect but wouldn't come out either.
My car with windshield My car in front of my house
My car with windshield A couple more pictures featuring the windshield and the general outline of the car, taken in front of my house.
Engine Bay The engine and the gearbox are also in place. A lot of work still has to be done before these are running.
RearView Dash
Interior Here are a couple of details from the car that are finished. The tail lights are from a Lancia Fulvia Sedan modified to Lancia Fulvia Zagato spec to fit the Europa.

7 june 2000

My sprayed car My car has come back from the sprayer. It is everything I expected it to be.
Now what is left is to fit all the things I collected over the years. Rear of the car
Dry sump The engine still has to be build up.The bottom end is already finished. Here I can see the beautiful dry sump.
The pistons are also not standard as can be seen here. top of engine.

15 may 2000

Later today I will bring the car to the sprayer to get it painted. Here the car is before it will be sprayed. The doors have been fitted which toke quite some effort. One door (original) had to be re-engineered tom fit the frame. Ready for paint with proud owner
re-covered engine cover with pip pins The engine cover has a very thin glass fiber mat over it to get rid of the many cracks and stars on the surface. Originally the bonnet was fitted with two fasteners. I have replaced them by pip fasteners and also on the engine cover I use these. The middle lock is covered.

2 january 2000

I have further invested in several parts. I now have a Gordini like engine with 1565cc but with a head with 44 mm inlet valves and 39 mm exhaust valve. The engine has an original Renault dry sump with pumps and all. Furthermore I started to fit my doors as the preliminairy work before spraying the complete body.

13 september 1999

Time flies when your having fun. I had a lot of that and my career has taken off again which means I have little time for my precious Europa. On the other hand I had the chance to buy some new parts like a windshield, new left door, intake manifolds, carburettors (Weber 45 DCOE). Furthermore I made an electrical scheme and am in the process of fitting a new wiring loom. This latest will feature some 18 fuses and 7 relais. Better be safe than sorry is my motto while engineering. I made a couple of changes to the body like moulding in the speaker housing - this is not standard in the Banks shell.

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