Spa Summer Classic 2011 Formule Ford Kent 10-12 Jun 2011

Here are the video results from a very enjoyable weekend with my friends from the French Formule Kent Club. Although the weather was Spa-ish: sun, rain, dry, wet and drying, it was a very good weekend not least because the pit boxes were included in the package. Everybody was most friendly and I can recommend a race with this crowd to everybody. Special thanks to Jean-Jacques and Gaidic for a perfect organisation.


The practice started wet and so almost everybody went out on wet setting. It dried out during the session so in the end we came close to dry times. I found in the second lap that there was an enormous amount of grip. However there was less grip then I thought in the left-hand part of Fagnes. I went in the gravel backwards. It took the marshalls not to long to dig me out fortunately. Because of the drying track there was not much lost because everything had to be done in the last lap. I managed a 2:53.1 which was good for 6th behind the pole from Nigel Thomson in 2:48.9.

Race 1

After a dry morning most people including myself changed their car back to dry set-up. However during the green flag lap to the rolling start it started to drizzle at the back of the circuit. Once we came to the start it was a proper wet race. At the start I was passed by Sylvain Debs and Laurant Fort. The latter I repassed and he went off the track later. Later